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Spears Harambee Company in Wernersville, Pennsylvania works with African artisans to provide quality crafts, textiles, and artifacts that are fairly traded to benefit the people and communities in Africa. We import fairly traded products from East Africa, South Africa, West Africa, and Northern Africa. We are proud to offer you the opportunity to enjoy the rich traditions of the African continent while supporting life-enhancing causes for people of many countries.

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Celebrate your international appreciation for cultural art and traditional crafts by purchasing custom-made goods for your home. We offer a diverse selection of handmade baskets, jewelry, masks, and carvings that have been ethically sourced.

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Give an authentic African gift or treat yourself with the vibrant fabrics of Africa. We offer African clothing, including the popular slip-on dashiki-style tunic in many designs. All textiles are imported from Africa and have been fairly traded to support artisans across the great continent.

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Experience meaning and culture with traditional African masks, including the Chi Wara headdress, with special meanings that are associated with an ancient ritual or ceremony. Expand your décor horizons or start a rare collection with masks known for their international beauty and appeal.


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