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Handmade Baskets, Jewelry, and African Imports

Spears Harambee Company in Wernersville, Pennsylvania has been collecting and appreciating art, masks, and textiles for more than two decades. We procure the very best works and establish relationships with cooperatives in Africa to offer free trade and actively support initiatives that benefit African communities.



Create a dramatic statement in your home with authentic African pottery. We have several vases and pottery creations from which to choose, including Masai soapstone plates, Kenyan wooden salad fork sets with batik bone handles, and spoons.


Display or give the gift of truly unusual carvings made by African craftsmen. Each one is carefully carved for exquisite quality. No two carvings are exactly the same, but all possess the exceptional handiwork of African craftsmanship.


Make your home brighter with an absolutely beautiful handwoven basket. Available in various sizes, these baskets serve as home decoration and they may be put to stylish and practical use to hold magazines or as children's toy storage.


Show your one-of-a-kind style with wearable African art. We offer a variety of African jewelry pieces, including earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. We also offer unisex pieces. You will undoubtedly receive compliments while wearing our jewelry.


African Dolls


Share an African tradition with your friends and family. Ndebele dolls are made by the Ndebele people of South Africa and are adorned in the culture's traditional dress. These colorful dolls come in sizes from 8" to 24", and no two are alike.

Holiday Gifts

Give a thoughtful gift surely to inspire a love of African art. We offer multiple holiday options including ornaments, angels, and nativity scenes-all made in Africa.